Rachel Weisz is an actress who has appeared in movies such as “The Mummy,” “The Lovely Bones” and “The Bourne Legacy.” She might be best known for playing the part of Evelyn Carnforth in “The Mummy.” The part required her to speak with a British accent.

She recently spoke about James Bond, who has been played by many actors, but it’s rumored that Idris Elba might take on the role. Rachel Weisz thinks it would be good if James Bond remained a dude. She said: “I think this should just be a male role. That was always the attraction of James Bond — he was surrounded by women.”

She thinks the franchise would lose its unique dynamic if they changed James Bond to be a woman. “I think women are fascinating and interesting. But the spy, I don’t know, it’s not really my kind of thing. A spy is what? Is he, like, an MI5 agent? I’m not sure how that works. But they’d have to change it. You can’t have James Bond as a woman.”

Weisz also spoke about how she thought Rachel Weisz would be great for the role of Hermione Granger in Harry Potter because she’s British. She says: “I say that as someone who is British, so I’m just observing what the rules are. Hermione is super smart and super brave, but I don’t see her as having any qualities that suggest she’d be good with a gun.”

She thinks Hermione should be held hostage by the character played by Daniel Radcliffe. “I think she should be tied up on the railroad tracks and have to be rescued by Harry Potter and Ron Weasley — that’s who she should be with. She would really enjoy being tied up, I think”.

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