Originally aired in late Fall of 2001, 24 immediately built a cult following of dedicated fans and critics, establishing itself as one of the best new television series of the decade. 

Founded on the interesting premise that each episode should account for one hour in a day, the show follows the exploits of a James Bond-like government agent named Jack Bauer. 

Kiefer Sutherland stars in the role of Bauer who often grapples with personal problems as well as world-altering crises. At first glance, 24 could easily be confused with a blockbuster Hollywood action thriller, but it’s so much more…

Season 3 begins almost three years after Jack’s successful thwarting of a terrorist conspiracy to nuke Los Angeles. An extremely powerful drug kingpin, Ramon Salazar, has recently been captured and imprisoned due to Jack’s efforts, but the Salazar case is far from over. 

Ramon’s brother contacts federal authorities and threatens to release a deadly virus on the American public unless his brother is immediately freed. Yet again, Jack is tasked with hunting down the terrorists in a 24 hour timeframe… Will he succeed? Or will innocent people die in mass?

The 24 (Season 3) DVD features a number of breathtaking episodes including the season premiere in which a dead body is tossed just outside of a healthcare facility in Los Angeles. The Counter Terrorism Unit quickly learns that the body is infected with a deadly virus, a blatant signal of blackmail when the unit learns of a threat to release the virus at large unless drug lord Ramon Salazar is let out of prison. 

Meanwhile, President Palmer is preparing a presidential debate in the company of his brother (also his chief-of-staff) and his doctor (also his girlfriend), and Kim who now works at CTU with Jack has secretly been dating her father’s partner, Chase Edmunds.

Other notable episodes from Season 3 include (#53) in which Jack is taken hostage in an inmate riot while trying to break Ramon out of prison, and (#71) in which Jack is on the verge of discovering the location of the deadly vials.

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