A brainchild of Simpsons creator Matt Groening, Futurama launched itself into homes across the galaxy in Spring 1999. 

Employing the same quick wit and visual humor that has made The Simpsons one of the most successful shows in television history, Futurama (despite its early cancellation in August 2003) maintains its own loyal cult following.

Set one thousand years in the future, Futurama follows the life of a modern day American pizza delivery boy named Fry who finds himself reanimated 1,000 years after being accidentally cryogenically frozen. 

Brought back to life, Fry hunts down his great, great, great nephew – a tinkering scientist named Professor Farnsworth – and spends his days working for his distant relative’s intergalactic delivery service alongside good friends, Leela (a female Cyclops) and Bender (a morally-challenged robot). 

As the characters (usually Fry and Bender) engage in various schemes throughout the universe, Professor Farnsworth and his crew meet up with a number of interesting characters and civilizations…

The Futurama DVD features a number of hilarious episodes including the season premiere in which Fry awakens following his 1,000 year cryogenic freeze. 

When a Cyclops named Leela tries to insert a career chip in him which will make him a delivery boy for life, Fry escapes, meets a robot named Bender, and the two eventually join Leela when she removes her own career chip. 

Together, they hunt down Fry’s closest relative (Professor Farnsworth) and become the crew of his space delivery service. 

Other notable episodes include “The Series Has Landed” in which Fry and the crew deliver their first package, and “My Three Suns” in which Fry becomes leader of a race of liquid aliens. Season 1 also features its own distinct alien language found on signs littered throughout the various episodes.